Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Activities in the office

In my job, the main activity is to attend to our customers under maintenace contract. To make it, is necessary to inform them about the monthly activities performed in the higway (maintenance works). We must make some Activity Reports, describing all tasks, reporting the anomalies, making follow up to the equipment installed on the highway. To do that, is necessary to review on the intranet, the feedback from my workmates and make a summary with this information and send it to our customers. Is very important to work in team, because everybody should know how is running the business. In fact, every monday, we have a meeting in order to know about the real status of maintenance tasks, new software releases, technical  advices according to corrective maintenance, etc.. Therefore, as you can see, is very important keep in touch with workmates, in order to maintain a level satisfaction of ours customers.


rimuno said...

I know, my last post is about activities in the office. It should be about Uses of the Computer, so I have to add that nothing before mentioned is possible without the computer..jejej ;)

Anonymous said...

Jaajaja!! It's true..
By the way, resume: CV - Summary: resumen

Cheers!! Ernesto

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