Friday, July 20, 2012

A day at work

My day starts at 7:45 am. I get up and I try to wake up my daugther (very hard work) because she has classes in the morning and I leave her in the college. After that, I go to work. When I arrive to the office, I take breakfast, reading news online in my work station, checking personal emails.
Due the morning, I check my daily schedule and prepare everything in order to go out to make preventive maintenance tasks. Once I finished those tasks, I go to lunch. Sometimes I lunch in my home, when I have time to do it, quickly. Sometimes I lunch with my workmates in a restaurant near to the office.
After lunch, I have to make some reports regarding activities performed during last month in order to keep informed to our customers.
I leave the office at 6:30 pm to go home. Here start my second part of the day, where I have to work too much. My little son is waiting for me everyday. All he need is play. Play with his cars, play football inside home, watch some favorites videos in youtube, etc. He make me work more than I work in the office. And I like it. We try to have dinner at 9:00, everybody talk about its day, watch the news on TV.
At 11:00 pm, my little son is sleeping 1 hour ago. My daugther, connected in her laptop. My wife and me, tired so is time to go to bed.


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