Thursday, March 22, 2012



This year my holidays were really relaxed. Only 2 weeks, staying at the parent's house in Loncura, Quintero was enough to get back new energy to work the rest of the year. Get up at 11.00 am, take a breakfast and go to walk along to the beach with my wife and sons is really necesary in order to forget a stressfull year. After lunch, take a nap with my son is a pleasure that I can't do during the year. Long conversations with the family regarding anything, spending a lot of time without think about next task or obligations to do is the real meaning to have a nice vacations. I think this were the best thing of my summer.
During my stay in this place, we visited differents places around Quintero, like Ritoque, Horcon, Maitencillo, Papudo, etc. Every day a new place to visit and go for a swim or take a sunbath.
Before sunset, come back to home, take a shower and prepare a evening stroll with my sons to Quintero to visit craft fairs, mechanical games, etc. They really enjoy this activity. After dark, when my sons are sleeping, we sit on the backyard, light a fire and stay by the fire, talking about the day's activities, drinking or eating something until the fire burn out.
As you read, these simple things make a good holidays for us.


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