Thursday, October 6, 2011

English class, again ¡¡¡

One more time studying english. I would like that this time I can learn a little bit more than other class. I like study english, but I think, the problem is: I don´t speak English everyday. For me, is too difficult to THINK in english. Always I try to translate every word that I listen, so the process is too slow. Speak fluently is a real challenge for me. I hope to improve my level in order to expand my knowledge and apply it in my job and in everyday life. I don't know what is the solution, but I'll try. Some advice??...check it ¡


MCR said...

is more customize you blog, my site is very boring, but the epe's blog is worse jajaja

Ronald Harris said...

I like your post Ricardo, it's very clear ;)

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