Thursday, March 22, 2012


To be honest, I don't have a favorite singer or a favorite band. I try to listen all kind of music going by 70's music, brazilian music, local folk music, rock progressive and classic like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd.
  Sometime I prefer listening music according to the activity performed. For example, if I'm reading or writting, I prefer listening instrumental music, like classical music or progressive rock like Mike Oldfield in Tubular Bells album. This kind of music that help to the concentration.
  When I'm doing housework I prefer to listen another kind of music, a little bit noisy, something more energetic that make you keep up. For this cases I listen Led Zeppelin, Korn or U2. In Spanish could be Babasonicos, Bersuit Vergarabat, Los Bunkers or Chico Trujillo. This kind of music make me feel very active.
  When I try to rest, no sleep, only take a break I take my guitar and play some song from Silvio Rodriguez, Victor Jara, Manuel García, etc.
   As you can see, trough the music you can find the right music for an appropriate time. In my case, will depend on the activity that I'm performing or state of mind in which I'm, so when somebody ask me about the favorite kind of music, I try avoid to say "I don't like this kind of music because...bla, bla". I´m open mind regarding music styles and my heard is prepared to listen new styles.


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